About Zabibu Centre

Zabibu is registered as a non-profit making institution that began in April 2005 as an inclusive rescue shelter and involved into a special needs educational institution. The Centre caters for children and youth living with disabilities and neuro-divergent disorders. The Centre also accommodates neurotypical learners.

Zabibu’s programs guide each learner in the process of self-discovery to determine and work towards individual goals and a meaningful livelihood. In providing training for persons living with disabilities and those at risk, the Centre hopes to enhance awareness in the community and among stakeholders of the various forms of Neurodivergence to lobby for a barrier free environment at schools, community, county and national levels and to build the community’s acceptance level of the learners.

Our Programmes include:

Virtual Special Education

Services for neurodivergent learners.



Zabibu Children’s Home).


Tamar Ministry

Girls' rescue, education and training.



Zabibu Disability Technical and Vocational Training Institute.


Zabibu Kijiji - Gilgil [commencing in 2023]

Independent Living for youth over 18 years.



An income generating arm of Zabibu Centre.


The programs are learner centered to ensure that each child/youth is well equipped in order to lead a more meaningful life. At the TVET level, the courses are tailored to the youths abilities and global employ-ability.


To empower learners living with disabilities to live more meaningful lives.


Toward knowledge, inclusion, participation & access for all.

Zabibu Centre's Mandate & Objectives

Zabibu Centre's objectives include:

To be a Non-profit making & non-political organization aimed at training persons with disabilities and special needs in Kenya.
To enable marginalised groups of persons with disability and special needs to participate actively and effectively by equip them with income generating skills in a nurturing environment.
To empower all living with disability or special needs, despite age or severity of their disability or special needs, with training to develop or learn skills that are on demand if not unique to the market place.
To provide for the formation and exchange of views on any question connected directly or indirectly with persons of disabilities or special needs.
To ensure all with disabilities and special needs in Kenya live effectively in the hostile environment they find themselves in, by creating awareness in the Kenyan education system and mainstream programs that are specific and thus enable their gain of soft skills.
To carry on with the calling of management of learning institutions such as schools, colleges, tertiary institutions, academies, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools that focus on persons with disabilities and special needs.
To collaborate with any governmental or non-governmental entities or persons, seeking to develop and support persons with disabilities or special needs in Kenya and elsewhere.
To represent persons with disabilities in dealings and negotiations with other governmental or non-governmental organisations providing assistance, for the purpose of ensuring that interests of persons with disabilities and special needs are protected and that such bodies, when making decisions directly or indirectly affecting the persons with disabilities and special needs in Kenya or elsewhere, are made aware of the views and decisions persons with disabilities and special needs.
To make the persons with disabilities and special needs fully appraised on all matters relating to them such as rights and where possible to procure relevant assistance for persons with disabilities and special needs, whether by itself or in association with like-minded organisations and or the government.

Zabibu Centre's Milestones

Since inception, this is the impact we've made...


Families reached.


Children empowered.


Years in Operation.


Staff employed.


Persons rescued.

Global Recongnition Of Our Impact

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The Centre is registered with the Ministry of Education, Kenya Private Schools Association, and National Council for Persons with Disabilities. TIVET and NITA have approved Zabibu Disability Technical and Vocational Training programmes subject to fulfilling the required standards and equipping the workshops. Some of the staff members are persons with disabilities. It is an inclusive community of learners and staff.

Zabibu Foundation

"Every child deserves the chance to learn" - Sustainable Development Goal-4 (SDG-4) calls for inclusive and quality education for all and promotion of lifelong learning. To promote the achievement of SDG 4, the Zabibu Foundation continues to invest in the education of disabled or less privileged students from across the country. ZF mobilizes resources towards bursary, teacher’s development and special projects.

You can get further information on any of the above programs upon request.

Irene Wagema



+254 722 707 492 /

+254 770 233 535


Below are our partners with whom we collaborate to do this rewarding work.

Safaricom Ltd

A Leading Telecommunications Company.

Syngenta Pollen

A Global Fund for the Underserved.

EPCO Builders Ltd.

A Building and Civil Engineering firm.

Sage Foundation

A Project Management Support Partner.

Delta Corp

An African Fund for the Underserved.

Crown Paints

A Manufacturer of Household Paint.

The Banda School

A leading IAPS British Prep School.

Kingdom Missions Fund.

A Fund For Christian Missions.

Computers For Schools Kenya

A charitable organisation for schools

Copycat Group

IT Systems Integrator

Davis & Shirtliff

Water related equipment supplier


A home waste digester manufacturer


An online kiosk

Kingsmil Bread

A bakery

KCB Bank

A Bank

The Panari Hotel

A Hotel

Kenya Private Schools Association

A Schools' Association

Ridgeway Baptist Church

A Church

Shree Cutchhi Leva Patel Samaj

A Charitable Trust

Haco Industries Kenya Limited

FMCG Manufacturer

Parklands Sports Club

A Heritage & Members' Club.

Friends Of Zabibu Centre

Below is an exemplary community of great individuals who have been vital to our mission's success thus far.

Leah Kabura Mungai

Anita Nduta Mungai

Everlyn Wanjugu Wagema Gakuru

Bob Collymore

James Ruitha Wagema

Thibaud Rerolle

Mr. & Mrs. Absalom Mwangi

David Longden & Arune Salma

Mrs. Ann Muturi

Mrs. Ann Kung'u

Githu Muigai & Melo Nduru

Col. & Mrs. Moturi

Peter Muli

Nelly Nemayan

Nyambura Koigi

Dr. Watiri Kanyutu

Chief Kamau - Theta

Paul & Sharon (UK)

Susan Gillen (UK)

Darin Hill (US)

Maj. Kariuki (Rtd) &
Catherine Njeri

Mrs. Alice Nyokabi Mbugua

Raju Patel

Susan Kinyua

Salome Gitau

Esther Mwangi

Jedidah Nyika

Boniface & Njeri Mwangi

Arch. Michael Okuogo

Arch. Ken Agwaro

Arch. Maithya Musunga &
Dr. Pauline Gitanga

Lois Thuo

Vinod Kerai

Joe Oddeck